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Van Creveld, Martin. COMMAND IN WAR Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1985, 1st printing, 339 pg, VG/VG- A study of the problems involved in commanding armies, including staff organization, weaponry and logistics. #014791
Hoyt, Edwin P. ANGELS OF DEATH: GOERING'S LUFTWAFFE New York, Tom Dohery Associates, 1994, 1st ed, 1st printing, 304 pg, ISBN: 0312856687, VG/VG (WW II Aviation, German Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering) #014793
Faber, Harold (edited by). LUFTWAFFE - A HISTORY New York, Times Books, 1977, 1st printing, 267 pg, VG/VG (WW II Aviation, Luftwaffe) #014798
Kemp, Paul. THE RUSSIAN CONVOYS 1941-1945 London, Arms and Armour Press, 1987, 1st printing, 64 pg, VG+/softcover #9 in the Warships Illustrated series. (WW II Naval, U.S. Naval, British Naval, Russian Convoys) #014809
Hoyt, Edwin P. THE BATTLE FOR STALINGRAD - 199 DAYS New York, Tom Doherty Associates, 1993, 1st ed, 1st printing, 304 pg, ISBN: 0312854633, VG+/VG+ The epic battle of Stalingrad relying on newly released documents from Moscow and American archives. (WW II Battles, Stalingrad) #014817
McGuirk, Dal. ROMMEL'S ARMY IN AFRICA Osceola, Motorbooks International, 1993, 1st ed, 192 pg, VG/VG A unique private collection of military artifacts of the German Armed Forces that fought in North Africa under Rommel 1941-43. #014819
Piekalkiewicz, Janusz. TANK WAR 1939-1945 Great Britain, Blandford Press, 1986, 1st printing, 332 pg, ISBN: 0713716665, VG/VG A day-by-day account of the operations by tanks and other AFVs during the Second World War. #014820
Hoyt, Edwin P. AMERICA'S WARS & MILITARY EXCURSIONS New York, McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1987, 1st printing, 539 pg, ISBN: 0070306184, VG/VG American military policy and wars over more than three centuries of American history - colonial times to Vietnam. #014821
Cross, Robin. THE BOMBERS - THE ILLUSTRATED STORY OF OFFENSIVE STRATEGY AND TACTICS IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY New York, Macmillan Publishing Co., 1987, 1st printing, 224 pg, VG/VG #014824
Lucas, James. DAS REICH - THE MILITARY ROLE OF THE 2ND SS DIVISION London, Arms and Armour, 1993, 4th printing, 222 pg, VG/VG (German Military, 2nd SS Division) #014826

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